Inner desire to create and build is an essence of my life. A client describes his idea, shows pictures and talks about himself and his requirements.

I graduated from apprentice school and today I have more than quarter of century worth of experience. Woodwork has become my passion and joy as well as a challenge. Pursuing work experience, when I was a young man, straight away after my graduation I traveled to the United States and to Germany shortly afterwards.

After I arrived back home, I have been working for the company Italia Design. It was exactly at this company where I uncovered the secret of luxurious furniture, the understanding of modern technological approaches, developing sense for detail, functionality and precision. With the beginning of the new millennium I have sharpened my knowledge and skills, focusing both into my own work.


A thought is being shaped at this key moment. Since we have to understand each other, this step is required to be observed closely with as much time as it is needed.

I have to understand the assignment itself from the client as well, since part of my job is an autonomy of the creator. It is the moment when these two elements merge and I am able to materialize the assignment. Everything else is organized accordingly. In the process of creating, rapture fights with fatigue, even pain. If everything works out however, the struggle is rewarded with happiness. Everything that will go through my hands harbors a piece of myself. Just like my signature.

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